virtual circles

Join us from anywhere in the world, as we come together to connect and share space with others desiring to grow and evolve into our souls highest self. There is something sacred about coming together and sharing energy, healing, connecting, rising & shedding past layers so that we can make room for the new. Here you will find occasional virtual meet-ups, all you will need is an open mind, a desire to grow and your laptop!


Full Moon virtual goddess circle

15 August 2019

Utilizing the full moon is a powerful way to bring energy into our lives, full moons offer illumination, focus & clarity. By using the clarity of the full moon to help illuminate us in our path, we allow ourselves to shed what no longer serves us and we make room for the blessings that are awaiting us.

Cost: FREE


Prana breathwork virtual workshop

11 november 2019

This workshop harmonizes our breath and spirit as we learn how to navigate deep breathing sessions to explore our physical, spiritual and mental body. By learning how to use the mystery of the breath we tune into the magic stored within each and every one of us, allowing past wounds to heal and shed patterns that are no longer in our highest good.

Cost: FREE