Each month we choose a different non-profit to donate a percentage of our proceeds towards charitable organizations that focus on the welfare of our animals and the future of our environment.


"It makes me feel good everyday when I wake up and I know that every decision that I make that day is leading us towards a brighter future" - Diana Gill


CEO of Divine Gap

Diana Gill is an Interior Designer and Entrepreneur who launched one of the first conscious 100% cruelty-free Interior Design firms in the world.

"I couldn't hold back the bewilderment the first time I heard the horrible things we are doing to these animals for the sake of a sofa or a pillow."

Diana Gill adds,

"finding out that there was a chance the sofa my dogs were sitting on was made of another dog or cat, I couldn't believe how much it hurt me to my core. That's how I knew I had to do something about it."

She made Divine Gap entirely cruelty-free after taking the Vegan Design 101 course and has never looked back since. Divine Gap strives to design interiors with only the finest sustainable, biodegradable and cruelty-free materials, which means that we do not use any fur, leather, wool, silk or any material that comes from a living being.  

You will find that Divine Gap is not your traditional design firm, we try to design responsibly and ethically. We care about the future of the environment, we not only care about all living beings, we are enlightened on the billions of toxic chemicals that are in our day to day household items. 

"The toxic chemicals that are inside the mattresses we are buying for our precious newborns are the leading causes of SIDS." - Diana Gill

All living beings matter, not only dogs and cats and for that reason, here at Divine Gap we try to design responsibly. 

The best we can do is educate ourselves on the toxic materials that inhabit our home, and what the tanning industry is doing to our environment. If you are interested in a consultation for a cruelty-free home click here.

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