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7 Feng Shui Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life

7 Feng Shui Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life

Wether you've recently gone through a divorce, separation, or simply want to spice up your existing love life. Check out these top Feng Shui tips that will make you into a love Buddha in no time.

1. Two is better than one.

Yes, I said it! but, not in the way you are thinking. The secret lies in making sure to double up on everything in each room to invite the energy of love into your home. That means; two chairs, two night stands, two candles. You see that lonely flower vase over there? Yep! Double up on that too.

2. Circular Dining Table For Infinite Love

Having a circular dining table brings the energy of unconditional love into your dining room space.  It also adds the element of togetherness, coziness, blend with two chairs. If already in a family environment, make sure there are enough chairs for everyone in the home. 



3. Master Bedroom = Coziest Room In The House

Make sure your bedroom is as cozy as can be. The master bedroom the most important room in the house; it is where we rest, recharge our bodies and make love. ❤️Therefore, for a strong Love Life, you need a strong balanced Feng Shui element in your nest. Achieve that by opting for dimmed lights instead of bright ones, candles, photos and art of lovers (I talk more about this in step 7) if the room feels too spread apart this can bring feelings of separateness, if too close it can evoke feelings of restraint. Soothing colors on the wall, grey, green or any earthy tone is perfect. Strive for the perfect flow. Skip buying those Prada shoes for this month and instead splurge on luxurious sheets for a First Class Love Nest. 



4. Leave room for someone else

Make sure there's enough room for your future lover to welcome themselves in, leave room in the closet & the drawers. Honor the space & leave room for opportunity. 



5. Let the magical energy of color assist you

Invite the colors pink and/or light blue for a romantic buzz.

Pink symbolizes nurturing energy and unconditional love. 

Light Blue is symbolic for health, healing, understanding & tranquility.  



6. Your mom was right all along— Declutter & Organize! 

Remove and get rid of anything and everything that you don't need. There should be no stagnant energy in your sacred space. Dirty clothes, old shoes, replace anything that reminds you of past lovers to make room for the new. Yes, that includes the photos and those love letters too.



7. Art & Photographs

The art and photos on your wall should mirror what you're searching for. Remove any pictures of guns, war or loneliness & replace with pictures of lovers, inviting the energy of love into the space.  


By the time you are done with these steps, your home will be the perfect love nest! 


Happy Decorating! 


Snobby Decorator

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