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The Single Guys Guide To Home Decor

The Single Guys Guide To Home Decor

It finally happened, you got your own place, regardless of the circumstances that got you here it's time to put your big boy pants on and design the place of your dreams. But, where do you start?

Scroll below for tips on how to deck out your bachelor pad.



Every man's favorite THE Sofa

The sofa should be the star of the show, DO NOT just pick out a sofa just because it looks "comfortable" or, because it's your favorite color. I repeat; DON'T. 

Instead take your time to browse through current trends and, see what fits your style the best. 

For example this season velvet is really hot. Treat your sofa like you would treat your car, or your watch, or a very important football match. Don't leave crumbs and wraps all over the place, keep the sofa tidy and NEVER sleep on it. Have some manners. 




When it comes to art, try to keep it neutral, you wouldn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable because your place feels too "manly".


To attract romance

If you are looking for love then I would suggest adding pictures, sculptures, symbols or paintings of happy couples. Constantly being surrounded by the energy of love will only bring more of it to you. #FengShuiTip

If you're looking for passion I would suggest incorporating the color red in your home. Color harnesses energy, and red is associated with power, passion and LOVE. :) Red is such an emotionally intense color! Studies have shown that color has a psychological effect on us! Red increases human metabolism, increases respiration & raises blood pressure. 


A true bachelor's pad is incomplete without one...

All of the major players in history swear by it...

The Round BED


where the magic happens.

For some reason us ladies get mesmerized whenever we see a round bed. Hmmmm... 


Tidy Fridge

Back to the boring stuff. Let's talk about your fridge, what does it look like right now? Are you a beer and tuna kind of guy or is your fridge stocked with vegetables and fruits. Either way, an organized fridge is a must.

Not only will you be able to find everything easier, you will also impress your guests when they come over and see you're not just the regular bachelor! If you are super busy and just don't have the time, then have a friend or family member help you. Or keep it simple and give your maid an extra to do on her list!

Extra Storage Space

Mount shelves on the walls of your bathroom for easy and cool storage space! add some towels, your shave kit, any every day necessities, organized and decorated to your taste. Bathtub must be cleaned every time you have a shower to avoid scum build up.

Pimped out Toilet Seat

wait for it....



Glow while you go? These new toilet seat LED lights are the bomb, they are seat activated and turn on whenever motion is detected. 


Follow these tricks and you'll have all the honeys wanting to move in, in no time.

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