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How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro

How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro

The art of home staging is quickly increasing, one because homes that are staged professionally stay on the market 80% less than non-staged ones. Two, they are so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to be in, that it's hard not to.

Unlike Interior Design, home staging focuses on de-personalizing instead of personalizing.

Which means making the home look as general as possible. Here are some tips if you or anyone you know is selling a home and would like to know how to stage like a proper boss! And, since not all sellers stage their homes specially in the lower market price ranges, you will be at an advantage if you do.

Clean + Declutter - make sure everything looks spotless and brand spanking new. Get rid of anything that is no longer serving you, any old papers, documents that you no longer have use for. My advice, get rid of everything. Make sure to get into corners, dust every single item, clean windows, TV, mirrors and anything else you can think of to give your home that brand new feel. Put into storage anything that you might still need.



Scent - has the ability to uplift our mood, make us feel more comfortable or UN-comfortable. Make sure to remove any odors that might be in your home, incorporating aromatherapy with the perfect blend to awaken all 5 senses. Lavender, Eucalyptus + Rosemary are the top soothing scents.


Proper Use Of Space - knowing how to properly use the space in your staged home is essential to making sure your home staging process is a success. Make sure to evenly make use of all spaces, or be inventive and make new ones! ex; turning the attic into a closet, guest bedroom into an office. Etc. Consider temporarily storing anything that makes your house look cluttered.


Walls + Flooring - You see that pretty wallpaper that you like? it needs to go. So does that orange wall in the kitchen. Although it might be gorgeous to you, it can be hideous to someone else. It is best to stripe down any wallpaper or color and replace the wall with warm, neutral tones to make your home look more welcoming. As far as floor, stick to hardwood.

Lighting - Make sure the lighting complements your home, opt for dimmed lights in the bedroom and restroom for a more relaxed atmosphere. 


Furniture - Make sure the furniture is the perfect size for the room, also be careful to not over clutter a room too much. Furniture that's too small will make a room look bigger and vice-versa. Arranging the furniture in a clean and organized way will speak volumes. If you are unsure browse through interior design magazines for inspiration.

Final Touch - flowers are gorgeous, they bring life to any room and they smell sooo good!! I love adding flowers everywhere! In moderation of course, don't go crazy. :) Do add a touch of gorgeous exotic flowers in your kitchen, dining room and living room area + voila!



Happy Decorating!
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