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What Keeps The Twinkle In My Eye..... (Updated)

What Keeps The Twinkle In My Eye..... (Updated)

Traveling is like crack to me, I am a lover of culture, of beauty, traditions passed along from generation to generation. 

Exploring each country I've visited reminded me of how connected we are, although we claim to be otherwise.

One of the things I would always admire in each place was the different decor each city had to offer.

Each with its own attitude + flair each hotel room, air b & b or restaurant I went to each had such an infinite array of different architecture, manners, decor! 

That fascinated me, and still does till this day.  

Random conversations with strangers the type that you still remember 20 years later. People who challenge you to look at the world in a different lens. Stories, I love stories, specially those stories which are narrated perfectly and make you feel as if you are there, as a fly in the wall, witnessing everything.   

The gelato in Italy, blew my mind...

Nonetheless out of all of the decor that I've seen my favorites will have to remain Asian and Moroccan. I would dive into this more at a later date.  

I'm sure you ask, why? Why Ms. Snobby Decorator? Why Asian and Moroccan?

Let's just say, personally, I think it's more fun to play with the essence of energy. If you have studied or know anything about quantum physics you would understand what I'm talking about. And, if you don't I would suggest you look up quantum mechanics which delves deeper into the behavior of matter and it's interaction with energy on the scale of atoms with subatomic particles. But um, that's a whoole other blog post right there. Ya'll not ready for that. 

Incorporating that back with interior design with #vatsu or #fengshui which are both elements that are prevalent in my decor is, that both of these arts, which both originated in Asia (Feng Shui in China and Vatsu in India) have a strong focus on the energy flow in your home. 

The reason why I say to educate yourself in quantum physics or quantum mechanics is because:

  1. maintain a hunger for knowledge.
  2. the study breaks down the science energy. which once you understand; you would know that both Feng Shui and Vatsu are pretty cool.

Once you become educated in the mathematical laws of the universe an entire world of possibilities will start to open up to you. So what is Feng Shui? What the heck is Vatsu? Feng shui is an ancient art, and it developed over 3,000 years ago in china. The ancient Chinese believed that specific land's energy could either make or break the kingdom, so to speak. The theories of yin and yang, as well as the five feng shui elements, are some of the basic aspects of a feng shui analysis that come from Taoism. (http://fengshui.about.com) 

In a nutshell the entire focus of Feng Shui is to balance out the energies in your home through the specific alignment, and arrangement of furniture to promote self growth, balance, wealth, love, peace and success. Which is then incorporated by the designer with the help of the Bagua.  

Vatsu on the other hand is similar but, even if Vastu and Feng Shui both mean to harmonize you with your surroundings, they have totally different philosophies (www.commonfloor.com)

Vastu Shastra actually considers the home to be a living soul, prana. 

The aim of Vaastu is to make us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the magnetic fields, gravitational effects etc. of the earth, the rainfall, the galaxy and the whole of the nature and the universe and duly invoking the blessing of the Gods of the directions. Every room has their eight directions again, so one must be aware of the facts how to design the rooms. (http://www.vaastu-shastra.com/)

I will speak more about this at a later date and really dive into specifics, right now my wrist is killing me because I've been typing for the past 4 hours. :) 

I don't mind because I love what I do, this IS what keeps the twinkle in my eye. Being a part of the creative process, creating beautiful spaces, being able to take a clients dream and making it come to life is magical. It's a beautiful thing and my dream is that everyone will be working doing something they love. If you're still reading you are bad ass.



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