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7 Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Bathroom

7 Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Bathroom

I've been extremely busy with Divine Gap these past few weeks, so please excuse me for not updating the blog as often as I normally do.

Divine Gap is slowly making its mark in the design world and we are so thrilled! To think that this all started off as a dream and to see it slowly unfold it's a blessing to experience.


I want to thank all of you for supporting our mission for a cruelty-free future, our clients, supporters, readers and most importantly our mentors. I receive your e-mails and messages and it sends me over the moon all of the love I receive from you!

To top it all off we've been featured as designer of the month on vegandesign.org ! can you all believe it? click here to take a look at our feature.

Anyway, enough about us! - we've been receiving messages from you guys regarding bathroom inspiration for small bathrooms and we've gathered the best ideas that professional designers use to create marvelous bathrooms. 

Here are 7 tips & tricks for the perfect bathroom!


1. Making Use Of Space


Using space accordingly is one of the most important components for a small bathroom. Making sure to get the most use out of every inch of space available is key for a successful bathroom. That includes the space behind your toilet, adding shelves for extra storage or just a simple toilet etagere will add extra storage that was once not there creating space for towels, toilet paper and anything else you might want to have as part of your decor.


2. Matching Plumbing Fixtures


For the perfect put together look having all the plumbing fixtures in the bathroom match in an accent color will add the perfect 'je ne sais quoi' to your bathroom. The trick is to opt for something other than boring silver, it's out of style and no-one really uses it anymore. Instead go for a brass or a matte black that will instantly elevate the aesthetic of the bathroom.


3. Witty Art & Books


Because, lets face it being in a bathroom with witty art & books to read makes the experience much more fun.

4. Accent Walls & Floors


Nothing screams luxury & great style like an accent wall, floor or both! see the way these tiles elevate the entire decor of this bathroom? paired with a matching accent wall for the WOW factor. If you are opting to go for both the accent wall and floor make sure that both of the designs are blending together seamlessly. 

5. Fresh Flowers


There's something about flowers that instantly uplifts our mood and enhances the experience of whatever room we are in. Flowers can instantly upgrade the mood and feel of any room specially the bathroom! They will make your bathroom look and feel like the bathroom of a fancy hotel not only that; flowers also act as a natural air freshener. How's that for a win win? If you are allergic or simply don't like the smell of flowers opting for an indoor plant works wonders as well.

6. Lighting Fixtures


If you can, adding an exotic light fixture will instantly add drama to your bathroom. I always enjoy going inside bathrooms that have interesting lighting, they make the trip to the bathroom more pleasant and make your bathroom look super stylish. You can easily find affordable fixtures on wayfair.

7. Candles


I can't stress enough the calming effect candles have, they definitely bring the "vibe" into any room. I personally LOVE having a few candles burning while I'm taking a shower, taking a bath or simply using the restroom. When guests come over I make sure to leave them burning the entire duration of the guests visit so that my guests can have a spa like experience with every trip to the bathroom!


So that's it! there you go, do you feel inspired to give your bathroom a face-lift yet?! make sure to tag us on instagram @divinegapdesign and let us see your new and improved bathroom! 



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