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The Sad Truth Behind The Down & Feather Industry

The Sad Truth Behind The Down & Feather Industry

I am sure that if you are here reading this right now, you're probably curious to know more about down and where it comes from. It's been a staple since the beginning of time for human beings to use down/feathers for multiple uses; we've used them as decoration, clothing, furniture, to keep warm etc. etc..


I too, was one of those people before I found out the truth about down. I hope that after reading this and educating yourself you will also say goodbye to down once and for all just like I did. Peta went undercover to blow up the practice of down extraction and people went nuts.

Many companies across the globe have began to remove down from all of their products ever since.

First things first,

for those that don't know lets start with the basics; everyone knows what feathers are but, what is down? "Down is the soft layer of feathers closest to the birds skin, which is primarily in the chest region."-{Peta.org} Down feathers are highly sought after because they don't have the quills that regular feathers do. Down/feathers are mainly used as filling for pillows, comforters and sofas.


There are several ways of collecting feathers and down, the most common one is live-plucking which means exactly what it sounds like.

The workers tie the legs of the duck/goose together and hold them by the neck or delicate wings to pluck away until they've collected as much as possible from the bird. After the workers are done the bird is thrown back in the cage to heal itself from all the trauma and pain that it just endured. That's if the bird is lucky.


In extreme cases, these birds die from the excruciating pain or have their skin ripped apart due to the harshness of the live-plucking. The workers rush to sow the skin back together without any pain killers and leaving the bird unattended until the next plucking session in six weeks.

The birds begin getting plucked as early as ten weeks every six weeks until the birds are slaughtered for Foie Gras and/or meat WAY before they are supposed to naturally die.

"Buying down can also support the cruelty of the foie gras industry. Producers of foie gras often boost their profits by selling the feathers of force-fed ducks and geese. These birds already have to endure having tubes rammed down their throats and their stomachs pumped full of so much corn mush that their livers swell to about 10 times their normal size, which is how foie gras is made." -{Peta.org}

So there you have it! this energy is where we lay our head down at night. What are your thoughts?

I used to think that feathers and down were cruelty-free, I mean after all the animal is still alive right?


These animals deserve a chance at a normal life just like we do. Is a pillow or comforter worth a lifetime of pain for an innocent animal? Specially a material that could easily be replaced with an alternative that's so much better, much more comfortable and cruelty-free.


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